Aleksandar Zhibarov

Aleksandar Zhibarov

He was born on 22.08.1917. Member of the USSR and, since 1995, of the UBA. He draws landscapes, stills and portraits.

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As a real representative of Impressionism, Aleksandar Zhibarov works by kind on the "ala prima" method. In one breath he seeks to impulse the impulse feelings on the canvas, neglecting all the unnecessary details. The idea is well-thought out beforehand, and trusting in the routine skill and experience, from the time of stopping the empty surface on the tripod, to the complete completion of the work, work quickly, concentrated and confident. With a precise artistic sense, the author does not copy reality as it should be, but what it sees and feels.

Alexander Zhibarov is a consistent and sincere artist who has not changed the basic principles of impressionism throughout his conscious life. Whether he will paint landscapes of his numerous peoples in France, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil or Bulgaria, whether he will seek hope and freshness even in the dead, creating his still-life or perpetuating contemporaries in his figural compositions, he remains faithful to his great love.



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