Tatiana Harizanova in her first solo exhibition
15 April 2021 - 6 May 2021

Tatiana Harizanova in her first solo exhibition

"But if you listen to what a room can tell you, you will hear countless stories, countless events, countless sighs, to which you will want to add your own ..."
Emma Mars

Petya Taneva, watercolor
18 March 2021 - 14 April 2021

Petya Taneva, watercolor

Le Papillon Art Gallery with great pleasure again hosts the latest works of the artist with a photographic flair - Petya Taneva. 

 365 Experiences
18 February 2021 - 17 March 2021

365 Experiences

In this 11th edition of the beloved and long-awaited tradition, Collective Jewelry Exhibition, the emphasis is on personal experiences. The situation over the past year has reminded us that the value of objects lies on the experiences they evoke or which remind us of a specific emotion. And any piece of jewelry, made with care and aesthetic sense, inevitably becomes something very personal, giving positive emotions to its owner.


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