Ivan Obretenov in a solo exhibition

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 03 Oct 2022

Recognized not only as an artist, but also as a lyricist, Ivan Obretenov "writes" poetically on the white canvas with pastel tones, handling both soft warm and cold complex shades equally well, enriching us with Ivan's ocher, a warm gray and the vibrant blend of carmine and roasted sienna. The sense of gentle jazz and masculine haiku in color is emphatic and convincing from every canvas of his. Obretenov is a master of minimalist expression, skillfully mixing halftones and precisely placing masks. He seeks and creates images and emotions in the gentle collision of several colors, where the warmth of the day and the coolness of the morning or evening meet. His paintings are like colorful pictorial conversations that do not give answers to the provoked questions, but ask them with the expressive means of color and the simplified composition with stroke-specific details. They provide the opportunity for the viewer's free consciousness and imagination to define them, feel them, make sense of them, find the story, so that everyone can be enriched, feel their bliss from the achieved balance of velvet colors. Paints flow into each other, penetrate, interact, but never in conflict, complement each other, support each other until they begin to act as a whole. As if the bright dominant spots, the soft background with almost imperceptible halftones flow smoothly into each other and each contains a little of the other in a harmonious coexistence. And in this seemingly completely abstract composition, the artist brings our consciousness back to reality through the characteristically stylized human figures, animals or everyday objects that allude to a specific event or story. He does not consider the portrait as a documentary realism, but as a condition, a living presence. Obretenov seeks to recreate the character of the object, its radiance, even with just a few strokes, masks and vaguely perceptible similarities that breathe life and mood into the image.

You are wellcome to the opening of the exhibition on 06.10.2022 /Thursday/ at 18:00, when in the company of the artist we will be able to recharge ourselves with the lyrical, colorful "Autumn" mood caused by his works!

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