Tatiana Harizanova in her first solo exhibition in Art Gallery Le Papillon

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 11 Apr 2021

From April 15 to May 6, 2021, Le Papillon Art Gallery is happy to become a "Room with countless stories" for the works, charged with strong inner energy of the talented and captivating artist Tatiana Harizanova in her first solo exhibition in front of Varna audience. Her paintings do not fit into the traditional, but follow her own rules and emotionality. Shaped in her characteristic handwriting, she combines the lyricism of the line of graphic technique with the plasticity and strong feelings recreated by color. Her monumental canvases grab with their laconic expression, and her technique of taking off some of the oil from the upper layers from the three-layer canvases hints for a deep soul, sensitivity of the artist, even outlining her spiritual dimensions. Delicately, through stylization and continuity of the line that makes up the drawing, the form or the figures in her paintings, Tatiana seems to reveal her inner highly emotional layers, charged with a lot of energy, passion, longing and love for life and people. The objects of her everyday life, innocently and childishly recreated on the wide canvas, reveal to us her personal, even intimate experiences, daydreams - stories that the viewer completes in his mind. Her colors are sometimes monochrome graphic, sometimes explosively strong, expressive, but always finely balanced, intricately created and combined with the sense of aesthete and the impulsive scope of the energetic artist hidden in her fragile body.

Tatiana Harizanova openly and purely illustrates with almost symbolic, stroke-shaped figures, landscapes or objects from a room of her existence with the talent of a good animator to recreate movement and introduce the viewer to each of her stories. Whether with the big scale that engulfs us, or with the fact that her line, exploring her life experiences, the whirlwind of her emotions, the pulsation of her thoughts, leaves both an imprint in the oil and in our thoughts, she always manages to excite.

The dimensions of the canvases, the objects, the plots, the compositions, the points of view - everything is fruit of inspiration and mood. According to her, each painting has its own story, it is always connected with an event. In her paintings, the artist captures the gloomy, hectic everyday life in a different, romantic way.

Countless stories, told in one life, in one gallery, in one room. I wonder if Tanya's paintings depend on being or being is part of them? Because they do not depend on pure consciousness. But maybe from the pain?
For her, still life is not just inanimate nature. These paintings are a frozen momentary glance, a glimmer of state, giving the viewer the opportunity to complete his story. And in which room he asked. And as many stories as he can handle. According to Harizanovski.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 15.04.2021 / Thursday / from 16:16 to 19:19 when the exhibition hall of Art Gallery Le Papillon will become a "Room with countless stories" hidden in 16 canvases with all antiepidemic measurements, the required distance and safety equipment!

The exhibition can be seen from April 15 to May 6, 2021 in the exhibition hall of the gallery in Varna, 12 Dragoman Street and can be viewed both in the exhibition hall of the gallery and on the website artpapillon.com

The exhibition is part of the "Annual program for exhibition and event activities of Art Gallery Papillon", supported by the National Fund "Culture" at the Ministry of Culture.

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