Nadya Stancheva with "My Love", dedicated to the bright artist Arshak Nersisyan

by Art Gallery Le Papillon 30 Aug 2021

This collection of 21 paintings is dominated by the landscape in its various forms - mountain, rural, urban, as well as several still lives, composed in stylized volumes. The esthete's attention is riveted in all of them by the multifaceted complex compositions with a dominant suggestion of space, air and lightness, expressed in her typical cubist stylization and superimposition of many masks in transparent layers, which makes her painting vital and unfolding, but always definite and determined. With this exhibition Nadya Stancheva tells about the places, the emotions of natural views and nature beauty that she has been conquered by, which she has shared with her beloved companion in life - Arshak Nersisyan. The feeling of love is present not only in the smooth line of hills and fields, it is sensible in the exquisite hatched groups of trees in its distant horizons, streams out of the kindness and the tenderness of its pastel shades, from the passion of its earthy warm tones. This is a kind of diary of colorful, cheerful little stories from landscapes, flowing like a deep, dense melody, sometimes like a spring bird's love song, sometimes like a staccato or like fusion jazz.

Nadya Stancheva considers the landscape as a fragmented structure of wonderful natural harmonies. Her paintings are an author's reading of portraits of frozen time, where the presence of the human is hinted at and feels like the invisible narrator in color, as a contemplator of the moment or as an inhabitant, creator of the buildings and forms that inspired the artist. Nadya likes to decompose the color, then layer it with contrasting or complementary shades and touches, stimulating the viewer's emotions with the depth and complexity of her burgundy red, clear carmine and her rich palette of red shades; from deep oily green to its bright grassy forms; from ultramarine and royal blue to deep yellow and the gentle, calm, autumn ocher. At first glance, in its clear and precise compositional solutions we find the complex rhythm in an almost uneven beat of our Bulgarian homeland, often resembling Tuscany or other European latitudes.

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